Area 2


Area 2 of RNC has a variety of existing businesses, which provide services as well as employment. There are also several religious institutions accessible to residents, which is a sign of neighborhood unity. Tuhey Park is an enormous amenity, allowing residents and their children to enjoy safe, fun open spaces. Nearby is the White River Greenway, which is both a connection to the White River and a safe bike and pedestrian path to downtown. Bus stops on Riverside Avenue, Reserve Street, University Avenue, and Wheeling Avenue allow residents to travel throughout Muncie safely without a car. The neighborhood’s variety of housing types allows a diverse population to live here affordably. Additionally, most of the available housing is good quality, providing residents with safe, attractive places to live.


The neighborhood’s infrastructure is inconsistent in quality. Sidewalks range from excellent in some areas to very poor condition or even missing in others. Many roads are in need of maintenance because of potholes. The brick section of North Street is also in need of repair. Some streets need more streetlights to keep residents safer. Flooding occurs in some areas because of poor drainage. While most of the housing stock is in good condition, there are some houses and empty lots which are dangerous and break up the neighborhood context.


This area’s proximity to BSU, Ball Memorial Hospital, and downtown provide a reason for people to move here for jobs. Muncie’s low property taxes combined with the attractive, affordable housing to create a desirable place to move. The trail system is a link between the rest of the city and this portion of RNC and allows residents to travel easily and safely through Muncie.


The continued population loss in Muncie is a concern for this section of RNC as city revenues decline. College students may continue to push out residents and drive up property costs as investors turn single-family homes into rentals. These largely-absentee landlords may not maintain properties, damaging the value of nearby homes. The Muncie-wide crime rate may deter new residents from settling here, despite the area’s safety.